Service Overview:

Our web hosting services are very flexible. All packages include the following with variations depending upon your needs:

  • SFTP/WWW Site (
  • Unlimited access
  • 1 gigabyte of disk web space on RAID disks
  • Redundant internet connection
  • Nightly Backups up to 2 weeks of storage with Restore
  • General System Monitoring
  • Ability to update website (WordPress if being used)
  • Technical Support

We register domain names for our customers and can point multiple domains to your web site.

Customized configurations can be added to above configuration.

Operating System:

All our servers use UNIX based systems: Linux (CentOS, RedHat).

Web Server Software:

TAG Online web servers run Stronghold, an SSL-enhanced version of the Apache web server, the most popular web server on the Internet today.

The open architecture of – and large number of extension modules for – the Apache server makes available to TAG Online clients the latest advances in support modules and features. TAG has also taken advantage of the open architecture directly by building customized Apache extension modules for its clients when needed.

Facility & Network Architecture:

TAG Online maintains an advanced network connected to three Internet backbones (NTT, ISPNet and Optimum LightPath). Traffic is carried via two independent “metro-ethernet” products and one terrestrial wireless solution from a third vendor.

Using version 4 of the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), traffic is automatically received and transmitted via the best of the available paths.

This offers an extreme level of fault tolerance. Problems at multiple Internet backbones will not render sites on the TAG Online network unreachable. More, use of wireless technology protects against a catastrophic failure of all fiberoptic cables coming into our facility.

This multi-homed connectivity also offers improved performance. On average, traffic between our network and users of our servers will follow a shortened path as compared to a site with connections on but one or two backbones. This reduces the delays in traffic between servers at our site and Internet users, yielding quicker response time.

Our facility is located in close proximity to a major power substation to reduce the likelihood of power problems. It also has 60 Kwatts of on-site backup generation capacity.