Put a little social media in your online presence

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Businesses must know how to say “Become our Fan on Facebook” and “Follow Us on Twitter” if they want to stay in touch with their customers and clients.

Not too many years ago, a website was the only requirement for your business’ online presence.  Once the website was created, then all you needed was to add the website URL to your existing “off-line” advertising.

Today, social media is the next step in the evolution.  The online community has moved to using Facebook and Twitter to communicate and interact, in more ways than they could with websites alone.

Facebook and Twitter are counting on businesses to join the mix.  In a way, these technologies were built to attract the customers so that businesses could reach them.
Don’t be fooled, social media is not just a fad.  Businesses all over the world are looking at ways social media can help promote their company, connect with customers, and gather real-time market intelligence.

Some businesses are spending millions to incorporate social media into their overall marketing strategies.  This doesn’t have to be the case for everyone.  Most companies will see excellent results by simply adding in social media to their online presence.

Here are some steps to get started and a few things to remember:

Set up a business account

Your presence on Facebook and Twitter should be different than a personal profile page.  When adding your company to Facebook, sign up for a Fan Page.  These pages are specifically made to help businesses join the conversation.

On Twitter, try to sign up with your business name.  This will help you get a unique URL that links back to your business, helps people find you and recommend you to their friends.

Make regular updates, but keep them relevant

This is where the fun begins.  Once you’re signed up, start small and slow with your first updates.  Try something like “Hello Facebook fans!  Let us know what you want to hear about our company.”

You will want to update your customers regularly, but it doesn’t have to be every day.  When you have something to say, make sure you post it as soon as possible to keep the conversation up to date.

Be sure to keep your updates relevant to what you want to say to customers about your company.  You can always share the inside scoop about your company to your friends on your personal page.  Think about your Fan Page updates as what you might say to any customer walking in the door of your shop or office.

Advertise your company is on Facebook and Twitter

Everywhere you promote your website, add your Facebook URL and Twitter name.  Of course, you will want to post it on your website, but think of other places your customers, and potential customers, might look.

Post a sign inside your shop or office and ask them to become a fan of your on Facebook and to follow you on Twitter.  Add it to the end of your email signature.  Put it on your business cards.  This will help grow your online presence when people know you can be part of their online community.

Create a Strategy

Creating a social media marketing strategy is an important aspect for any business’s online presence.  As with any marketing effort, think about how your company wants to interact with your customers and clients, and how much time and energy you want to spend on that activity.

TAG Online is offering a new social media promotional service for its clients.  TAG can help you set up your Facebook and Twitter accounts, make updates and help promote your online presence with your website, depending on how you want social media to fit into your marketing strategy.

Contact us to talk about how social media can help your business.