Dr. Rose’s Remedies, www.drrosesremedies.com

Improving a website’s foundation and adding in social media, TAG is able to reduce costs, attract new customers and double daily website traffic.

The tagline on the top of Dr. Rose’s Remedies website says it all: Ancient wisdom / Modern Solutions. This sums up the exceptional results Dr. Rose DiLeva has achieved for a wide variety of animals suffering from skin aliments.

A holistic veterinarian, Dr. DiLeva is the CEO and owner of Animal Wellness Center and Mobile Veterinary Services in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. Working with her husband Tony, who manages the sales and marketing, Dr. DiLeva has been featured on FOX news, ABC News Channel 6 in Philadelphia, and the Philadelphia Inquirer.

For their business, the Dr. Rose’s Remedies website serves many different online purposes. On one hand, it is a way to promote the Dr. Rose’s Remedies line of skin care products to new customers, highlighting success stories, videos, testimonials and retail locations where their products can be purchased. At the same time, the website also serves as an online portal for their partners.

Making something happen online

Before the website was hosted by TAG Online, the DiLeva’s were struggling with a number of common online problems. They felt like they were paying a high monthly fee and not getting the access or support they wanted.

The existing website suffered from a number of errors, from basic spelling to broken images to incorrect order information. The underlying HTML code was very poorly written, making updates difficult and causing problems with search engines and browsers. Finally, there was little support for newer technology.

Like most businesses, the DiLeva’s didn’t want to waste time trying to figure out how to make something happen online. They knew there were problems on the site, and didn’t know where to start.

Starting with the foundation

At TAG, we approached the website from the ground up. We began by fixing the small errors throughout the site, as well as updating the backend administrative system, so updates could be made more easily.

At the same time, we started looking at ways to make the site easier for functions like search, multimedia and social media. We placed their testimonials and success stories in a more prominent position, implemented SEO recommendations made by our SEO partner Rank Magic [link to http://www.rankmagic.com] and gave them the ability to add videos of Dr. DiLeva.

Once the website foundation was laid, TAG became the web partner for Dr. Rose’s Remedies. We set up a strategy that allows the DiLeva’s to tell us what they want to have happened and TAG does it. We also put them in touch with one of our SEO partners who optimized their website.

Gaining traffic and customers with social media

The DiLeva’s are big proponents of social media. They knew that reaching out to their customers and partners meant more than just using a website. We set up a Twitter account and a Facebook fan page in February 2010.

In less than a month, Tony DiLeva learned the basics of using social media in their marketing. We talked about how to start a conversation, how to keep a good one going, and how to engage current and potential customers/fans in relevant conversation about Dr. Rose’s Remedies.

Within two months, Dr. Rose’s Remedies made its first customer off Twitter. Their Facebook fan page is regularly visited and people often write how much they love the products, sharing their own success stories.

For the website, daily traffic has almost doubled. From the same month a year ago, Dr. Rose’s Remedies has seen a 49% increase in unique site visitors per day.

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